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2003-04-21 - it's hard to behave when you're hit with a crave.

Layout 84/100: This layout is very good... I have seen it used a lot. But then I think, "What the hell? Sushi?". The picture always confuses me, it has little to no relevance to anything or anyone. Were it not for that picture this layout would be brilliant - everything is arranged nicely and is well organised. I have no idea why pixiedesigns used that picture.

Content 95/100: Great content, humorous and interesting. Not a lot about emotions but then who needs emotion when you've got humor right? Humor and emotion being the two most interesting things to read. Anyway, after reading I now realise why you chose the layout. Makes a bit more sense to me now. Your writing was articulate and easy to read.

Insight 90/100: Like I said, theres not much emotion in your diary (not that I could find anyway), so you lose a few points for that, but the humor and what you write about lets you know what kind of person you are, I especially liked this entry. The layout is relevant to you aswell which seems to be a rarity.

Errors 100/100: Everything seemed to work for me, and all the images worked too.

Annoyances 90/100: The sushi layout, despite being appropriate for you, still annoyed me :)

Extras 95/100: Plenty of good, meaty extras. Mmmmm meaty.

Total 554/600 - 92.3%

Would I come back? Most certainly. It's rare I come across a diary with a good dose of humor in it.

Reviewed by Euan

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